We buy gold, silver and platinum in our Skokie Illinois location.

We buy diamond engagement rings and estate and vintage jewelry.

We also buy loose diamonds and gemstones. We buy scrap gold, broken chains and single earrings!

However, there are several different factors that both the seller and the buyer should be aware of before making this type of transaction for selling your gold.

At Oakton Coins our goal is to educate you on selling your jewelry and gold so that you can get the most money back as possible.

When selling on secondary market there are several things you need to know:

Another important factor from the buyers perspective is, “Is it desirable for re-sale?” If not, you are best to move on to the next store with a different market that suits what you are selling. 

The expectation of what you would like to make on your jewelry should not be based off of the price you paid, but rather the wholesale cost. For example: at the mall store you paid $7,000, that means they may have only paid $1000 for the piece new at wholesale. So the price you will get will be less than $1000, because “you’ll never recover the retail mark-up that you paid.”

At Oakton Coins we buy gold, silver, platinum jewelry and gem stones. We also pay more than Skokie or Evanston jewelers. Our most desired items to purchase are Coins, scrap gold & diamond engagement rings and vintage jewelry with a high quality center stones. So, if you inherited your great aunts ring but don’t know what to do, bring it to us, we will restore it and find it a new loving Skokie home.

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Genuine Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver X-Large 14 mm Bead Ball Earrings!


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